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Here’s What to Know Before You Buy a House with a Pool

Written By: Ashley Sutphin
Thursday, August 12, 2021

If youre in the market for a new home, you might think a pool sounds like a great idea. Pools are in high demand right nowso much so that pool contractors have waiting lists and theres a shortage of maintenance items like chlorine.

Is pool ownership all its cracked up to be? It can be, but you need to be prepared.

What Are the Pros of Having a Pool?

Well cover some of the perks of a home with a pool before getting into the downsides.

It May Improve Your Quality of Life

A pool can be a lot of fun, and having one at home can improve your quality of life. You might use it for exercising, and it gives you a good excuse to get outside more and take in vitamin D and fresh air.

Many families with pools find that they enjoy time together, and you might be able to build your social life around having it.

A Pool Can be Beautiful

When you buy a home with a pool, it might be something you enjoy aesthetically. Its a lot of fun to look outside and see your pool or have a view of the water from your deck. For many people, the view of water in any form, including a pool, is >

Pools Can Increase Your Homes Value

There are a lot of instances where having a pool can increase the value of your home. This is especially true if you live somewhere with a warm climate. In places like Arizona and Florida, having a pool is practically seen as a necessity.

If you have a pool and your neighbors dont and you ever want to sell, your property might be more in-demand or get more money than a nearby home without one.

What Are the Cons of Having a Pool?

nbsp;Even if youre excited about the potential of having a pool at home, there are some possible downsides you need to be well aware of.

Are You Ready for the Cleaning and Maintenance?

Some people actually like cleaning andnbsp; maintaining their pool, but if you dont think youre going to be one of those people, rethink buying a home with one. It can take several hours a week if youre going to maintain your pool yourself.

If you hire a pool service company, plan to spend anywhere from 50 to 150 a week.

Along with the work required to clean and maintain a pool, you also have to pay for the supplies.


If you buy a house with a pool, you have to make sure it meets existing codes and safety requirements. You might end up having to install a new fence or alarm.

If you have children or pets, you also want to think about safety and how having a pool could affect your family in that regard.

Your Insurance Costs May Go Up

Your homeowners insurance will usually cover a pool as part of other structures in your policy. However, you could be held liable if someone is injured in a situation >

It Might Not Always Be a Good Thing for Resale

Another consideration is the fact that a pool might not always be a plus in the eyes of prospective buyers. It could actually end up limiting you if you wanted to sell your home.

Finally, what condition is the pool in if youre buying an existing home? Is there a chance that when you move in, you might have to pay for major repairs or upgrades?

Whether or not a pool is right for you is a personal decision, and its one you need to think about strategically rather than emotionally.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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