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Help You Sell Your Home With These 10 Affordable Tweaks

Written By: Michael Porter
Monday, January 13, 2020

Landscape and Exteriors Quick Clean Up

Nothing says a house has been neglected for quite some time than dirty looking exteriors and overgrown plants. It gives the impression that the home itself may be in need of expensive repairs. You wont believe how much better your home can look like after spending a few dollars for a quick hose down, perhaps new hardware, a freshly painted garage door, and newly-replaced downspouts and gutters. The total for all these can be as little as just around 100 but can look like you spent thousands

Give Your Door and Doorbell Some Love

Prospective buyers will come through your front door so simply making sure that the doorbell is working plus fixing cracking or peeling paint goes a long way in making a sale.

Evaluate All Doors

Doors often make such a huge impact that how the knobs and hinges look like can make or break a sale. You can update all your doors for just a hundred dollars or a couple of hundreds so this is a tweak that is definitely worth looking into. Sometimes a hardware change may be all that you need.

Dont Forget Carpets and Floors

Fixing stained carpets and scratched floors is pretty easy. You can rent carpet steam cleaners and floor polishers for a reasonable rate at a nearby home depot in most cities.

Scent it Right

Quite a growing number of people have serious scent allergies so it might be best to lay off synthetic scents. Some buyers will also think that youre trying to mask something if you use odour eliminators and air fresheners. It might be best to simply clean the home, air it out, and maybe bake fresh bread or cookies a few hours before showing. We bet no one has an allergy to fresh cookies

Clean and Fix Any Wall Blemishes

Scruff marks, streaks, and dirt on the walls can age your house, plus make it look uncared for. When preparing a home for a sale, paint the walls in a neutral light colour and make sure to fill any nail holes. Your walls will look brand new

Organise Your Things

Having a place for everything makes your house look a lot roomier than it really is. You might also want to look into putting some of your things at a storage facility to make the home clutter-free.

Fix Cabinets and Drawer Tracks

Drawers that wont slide out and cabinet doors that are falling off the hinges are a turn-off, no matter how pretty a home is. Potential buyers always check the kitchen so simply oiling the tracks, tightening screws, plus replacing hinges and hardware can do so much to make your house more desirable.

Clean Your Appliances

Any appliance that will be a part of the sale should look like they belong in the kitchen and not the dump. Old but clean appliances can draw in the offers more than new but sad looking ones. This upgrade costs next to nothing too

Polish with Finishes

Replacing bathroom elements such as faucets, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and showerheads can significantly brighten bathrooms. A new towel curtain, a new mat, and fresh folded towels can update the look of a bathroom with minimal effort.

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