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Updated: Monday, July 15, 2019

7 Packing Mistakes Youre Making
Written By: Julia Campbell

Here are ten moving mistakes you may be makingmdash;and how to avoid them.nbsp;1. You figure you can pack everything in a few daysBegin with a planmdash;and start packing weeks in advance, especially if you have a lot of stuff. But before you just start piling things into boxes, spend the time up front to make an inventory of everything that nee...

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VA Closing Costs: Seller Paid or Buyer Paid?
Written By: David Reed

Those who are eligible for a VA loan include not only veterans but also active duty personnel with at least 181 days of service, National Guard and Armed Forces Reserve members as well as unremarried, surviving spouses of those who died while serving or as a result of a service->With VA loans, there is a form of mortgage insurance called the Fun...

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Can I Put Cameras in My Vacation Rental? Keeping Your Property Safe Without Violating Guest Privacy
Written By: John Banczak

There are plenty of ways vacation rental homeowners can leverage advances in security technology to both protect their property and the safety of their guests without infringing on their privacy. Understanding what monitoring devices are acceptable for vacation properties will help homeowners navigate the best devices for each particular propert...

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Top 5 Reasons to Use White Glove Moving Services
Written By: Samantha Brown

A team of white glove movers can make any >Top 5 Reasons to Use White Glove Moving Services1. Professional packing and unpacking.White glove movers will arrive at the indicated location with all the needed wrapping and packaging materials to properly pack your possessions the way they deserve. They will also take care of the unpacking and dispos...

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Time for an Open House: How to Stage Your Home for a Lucrative Sale
Written By: Mikkie Mills

Declutter NowPotential buyers dont want to walk into a tiny house. This scenario is an immediate turnoff. Make the home look like its double the size by removing clutter. Take out small appliances, stacked magazines and other items. Aside from a centerpiece, there should only be decorative items on a table or counter.Removing these items tells t...

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The Must-Have College Dorm Items You May Not Have Thought of and Cant Live Without
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Ultra-slim hangersDorm closets arenrsquo;t what wersquo;d call spacious, and yoursquo;ve got to do what you can to maximize the space. These skinny hangers take up less space than those chunky plastic guys, which means you can cram more clothes in there. The texture also keeps stuff from falling off so all those college t-shirts dont end up in a...

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Are Luxury Apartments Worth the Cost? An Honest Answer
Written By: Ben

You may have checked out luxury apartments too, out of curiosity. They look good and all, but the price is seriously high compared to a standard apartment. You probably ended up always choosing the average apartment, because it just sounds more reasonable to pay 1,500 a month instead of 3,500. And you do not have luxurious needs; you just want c...

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To Pool or Not To Pool
Written By: Seth Tilton, ERA Evergreen Real Estate

A pool can be an expensive, luxury item rather than a necessity. The cost of a pool, between the routine upkeep/maintenance, repair costs, and the direct effect it will have on your homersquo;s energy bills, are all reasons that deter buyers from exploring pool ownership, so donrsquo;t be surprised if you get some negative reactions.Safety risks...

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Where Are the Best Places to Own an Airbnb? It Depends on the Revenue, and the Rules
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Itrsquo;s not the first city to move to regulate short-term rentals, nor is it the most restrictive.If yoursquo;re looking to buy an investment property to turn into an Airbnbmdash;especially if itrsquo;s out of statemdash;yoursquo;ll want to pay attention not just to the potential revenue, but also the stringent laws that have been enacted in m...

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Mistakes Buyers Make When Searching for Their First Home, and How to Avoid Them
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

When looking for your first home, itrsquo;s critical to keep the most important considerations in mind so you donrsquo;t find yourself going down a real estate rabbit hole. Remember these common buyer mistakes to keep you on track.Buyer mistake No. 1: Being seduced by the pretty stuffFresh paint, pretty throw pillows, nice bedding. Theyrsquo;re ...

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Google Affiliate Sidewalk Labs and Its Dreamy Vision for Toronto
Written By: Jim Adair

When Sidewalk Labs, an affiliate of Google, introduced its draft master plannbsp;for the Toronto community called Quayside, there was a long line of critics to shoot holes in the 1.3-billion proposal.The company produced a plan that went far beyond the 12-acre Quayside site to include another 20 acres of city-owned land, where it would like to b...

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Top 5 Features a 2019 Kitchen Needs to Have According to 30 Expert Interior Designers
Written By: Cristina Miguelez

The following five trends have been deemed as the most likely to succeed in 2019 by a group of experts in interior design. In this report, they took to showcase what the hottest trends are for 2019 kitchen remodeling, and which ones are most likely to add function and value to a home.Smart LightingSmart technology is one of the fastest growing f...

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How Construct-to-Perm Mortgages Work
Written By: David Reed

With a standard construction loan, the applicants consult with a local architect and builder. After the blue prints and timeline is prepared, the plans and specifications are handed over to a local lender. The lender will evaluate the documents and make an estimate of the future value of the property once completed. This estimate is provided by ...

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The Risks and Benefits of Buying Beachfront Property
Written By: James Stevenson

The Benefits of Buying Beachfront PropertyThere are many benefits to purchasing beachfront property, and these benefits often cause investors to overlook the potential risks of this type of property.High Market ValueOne of the main ndash; and most obvious benefits ndash; to purchasing oceanfront property is the high market value it provides. Bea...

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Do Newsletters Really Work to Keep You Connected?
Written By: Terri Murphy

The internet has proved that the consumerrsquo;s level of interest or urgency to buy or sell may span from as short as a quick 8 weeks to longer periods of time, like 3 years. If you survey real estate agents, it is rare to find one that deploys strategies to put themselves top of mind on a consistent basis. Implementing a monthly ldquo;touchrdq...

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Thinking of Buying an Older Home? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind
Written By: James Stevenson

Foundation and Structural IssuesIssues with the foundation or structure have the potential of costing a lot to fix. Since the foundation and structure are what is keeping the house upright, it is crucial that they are stable and sound. Cracks or unevenness in the foundation can lead to moisture damage, dry rot, corrosion, and shifting of the hou...

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House Flipping And What You Should Know
Written By: Dean Cacioppo

That being said, there are plenty of real estate investors who make quite a bit of money flipping houses, and its possible for you to do the same thing provided youre willing to put in the hard work. Here are a few things you should know before you make your first flip.Limit Your Financial RiskIn a reality show, flipping a house often has the dr...

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6 Home Improvement Projects You Can Begin Immediately
Written By: Vincent Stokes

Update The Laundry RoomThe majority of laundry rooms that need to be upgraded are only in need of a few additional features to be significantly improved. Most of these features can be added or upgraded with minimal construction.From a practical standpoint, shelves and bins can be added, and a countertop can be built above the washer and dryer to...

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Monday, July 15, 2019

7 Packing Mistakes Youre Mak...
Here are ten moving mistakes you may be makingmdash;and how to avoid them.nbsp;
  • VA Closing Costs: Seller Pai...
    Those who are eligible for a VA loan include not only veterans but also active duty personne...

    Can I Put Cameras in My Vaca...
    There are plenty of ways vacation rental homeowners can leverage advances in security techno...

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